Pool Services

Weekly Service Starting at $95

1 Time Service

Filter Cleaning

Acid Wash

Chlorine Bath



Description of weekly service:

Check and balance chemicals

Empty all baskets

Skim pool surface

Backwash Sand or DE filter (As needed)

Brush walls and steps

Vacuum pool (As needed)

Identify any problems or needed repairs

3 thoughts on “Pool Services

  1. Katie White
    I second Ingenious pools for a good honest pool guy. Won’t rip you off. Out of three pool companies I called, he was the only one to actually call me back. We had an issue with a leak in our system that ended up breaking our ac compressor and he replaced it free of charge and immediately. Great guy.

  2. Gordon Petracek
    I use Ingenious Pool and Spa. John Lile, owner. Honest, reliable, affordable and very experienced. He’s been my maintenance guy for years and does such a good job, I rarely need him. I recently had a problem I just couldn’t diagnose. Spa leaked down into pool each night. I replaced the backflow preventers with new ones but John spotted a faulty product and I replaced it again, with another new one. Problem solved! John also sells motors and can do any/all your pool repairs and troubleshooting. He lives in Surprise, and I love to support our local business people, you won’t be sorry you called John.

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